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Thought of the Day

... Hoe kan ek by God gaan kuier? ...

Efes 2:22 in wie julle ook saam opgebou word tot n woning van God in die Gees ...

Ons het hierdie afgelope naweek  ...
... Hoe kan ek by God gaan kuier? ...

Efes 2:22 in wie julle ook saam opgebou word tot n woning van God in die Gees ...

Ons het hierdie afgelope naweek as kerkraad saam gaan kuier om 'n sessie te h, waar ons gesels oor die pad vorentoe vir ons gemeente se mense. Dit was ongelooflik hoe teenwoordig die Gees van die Here was.

Ek kon nie praat sonder om ongelooflik emosioneel te word nie, die Vader se liefde het net oor ons gespoel, dit laat my dink aan toe Jesus my in Sy teenwoordigheid toegelaat het, ek kon nie 'n woord praat nie het net gehuil.

Die Here gee hierdie belofde ... Wanneer 2 of 3 in My Naam bymekaarkom - daar is Ek in hulle midde. So - Hy is daar maar hier is die vereistes as ons Hom wil ervaar ...

(in wie julle) - jy moet in Christis wees ( Jesus s vir Nikodemus, jy sal nie die koningkryk van God sien as jy nie wedergebore is nie - sal ook nie daar ingaan nie, as jy nie deur water en gees Gebore is nie ... as God se Gees nie in jou bly nie ...

Dan ... omdat julle Sy Gees in jou het ... en julle saam na Hom in julle luister en deel wat Hy vir julle individueel s, word Sy Gees in julle meer - met ander woorde - Sy teenwoordigheid word meer (julle word saam opgebou tot 'n woning van God in die Gees) ...

Soveel so, dat die vreemdeling in julle teenwoordigbeid Hom ook sal kan beleef deur die gawes wat deur julle werk. Wil jy God besoek, vermy nie die samekomste nie ( kom bymekaar in Sy Naam)! Hou sel, gaan kerk toe, kuier saam in die Naam van die Here - besoek Hom deur Sy huisgenote te besoek! (Sy geestelikke huis).

How is it possible for me to visit God? ...

Eph 2:22 in whom you also are built together for a dwelling place of God through the Spirit ...

This past weekend we as church council attend a session where we discussed the way forward for our congregation's people. It was amazing how present the Spirit of the Lord was.

In our sessions I could not even talk without having getting incredibly emotional, the Father's love was so present, it reminded me of when Jesus allowed me into His presence, even then I could not speak a word I just cried.

God gives us this promise ... When 2 or more are gathered in My name - I am there in their midst. So - He was there, but here are the requirements if we want to experience Him ...

(In whom you) - you must be in Christis (Jesus said to Nicodemus, you will not be able to see the kingdom of God if you are not born again - you will not be able to enter into it, if you are not born by water and spirit ... If God's Spirit does not stay in you ...

Then ... because His Spirit is in you ... and you listen to Him in you, and you share what he says to you individually, His Spirit in you, and around you becomes "more" - in other words - His presence is experianced greater (you are together built into a dwelling of God in the Spirit) ...

So much so, that the stranger in your presance also experiance Him because of the gifts that works throuh you. Do you want to visit God, do not avoid the gatherings (coming together in His name)! Join a cell, go to church, hang out in the name of the Lord - visit Him by visiting His house (His spiritual house).

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