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... Die Gees van God bring bevreiding ...

Mar 5:8  Want Hy het vir hom ges: Onreine gees, gaan uit die man uit!


... Die Gees van God bring bevreiding ...

Mar 5:8  Want Hy het vir hom ges: Onreine gees, gaan uit die man uit!


Die naweek is dit die rugby eindstryd en daar sal sekerlik n gees in die stadion heers. Is maar net anders om rugby so te kyk lekker. Op skool het ons altyd met atletiek die lietjie gesing: Ons het die gees ja man ja, ons het die gees hoe lyk dit da?


Kyk maar as jy by n kantoor instap en die mense skinder/is negatief/of positief hoe vinnig trek daardie gesprek jou in hoe vinnig vang jy jouself dan praat jy met dieselfde gees.  Ons is geestelikke wesens. Esegiel se God ek sal jou n nuwe gees gee met ander woorde die ou gees sal Hy verwyder.


Dit is die gees wat ons in ons toelaat wat ons aksies bepaal. As wedergebore kinders van God is dit die Heilige Gees wat ons eie gees rigting gee en leer, maar as ons Hom nie het nie sal die gees van hierdie wreld ons aksies bepaal.


Om n alkolis / verkragter / rebel / rower / n leunaar / negatiewwe mens / selfsugtige / ens te word is iets wat nie net oor nag gebeur nie, maar oor jare se toelaat dat n sekere gees in jou werkagtig is. Vra God vir n nuwe gees!


Dit is Sy begeerte is dat ons vry sal wees van die gees van hierdie wreld. Daarom as ons na Hom toe gaan sal hy altyd die gees in ons aanspreek en ons n nuwe gees gee. Dis is Jesus Christus aan wie elke gees onderdanig is. Hy bring vryheid! Hy bring verandering.


The Spirit of God brings freedom   ...

Mar 5:8 For He said to him, Come out of the man, unclean spirit!


This weekend it is the rugby final and there will definitely be a spirit in the stadium. It is surely different to watch rugby in this way awesome! At school with athletics we use to sing this song: Weve got the spirit yes we do, weve got the spirit how about you?


Have you ever seen when you walk into an office and the people are busy talking about others, or are negative how quickly they pull you in? Suddenly you are joining in? It is the spirit pulling you in. We are spiritual beings. Ezekiel God says He will give us a new spirit relieving us from the old one.


It is the spirit we allow inside of us who will determine our actions. As born again children of God it is His Spirit giving our spirit guidance, but if we do not have the Holy Spirit it is the spirit of this world would determine our actions.


To become an alcoholic, rapist, rebel, robber, liar, negative person, and so on is something that just does not happen overnight, but years of allowing a certain spirit to work inside of you. We need to ask God for a new spirit.


It is His desire that we should be freed from the spirit of this world. For this reason if we are tired of the person we became we need to go to Him and He will always free us from the worldly spirit, and give us a new one. Every spirit is subject to Him, thus He is able to free us to bring change!

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