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... Die Here snel die hart wat tot Hom gerig is te gemoed ...

2Ch 16:9  want die HERE--sy o deurloop die hele aarde om diegene  ...

... Die Here snel die hart wat tot Hom gerig is te gemoed ...

2Ch 16:9  want die HERE--sy o deurloop die hele aarde om diegene kragtig te steun wie se hart onverdeeld op Hom gerig is; hierin het u dwaas gehandel, want van nou af sal daar oorlo teen u wees.


Ek laai nou die oggend die seuns aan die ander kant van die skool af. Dit was ooglopend vreemd vir hulle en soos hulle persoonlikhede is was Ryan sommer dadelik onsteld want sy pa krap nou sy hele roetienne deurmekaar. Alles lyk so vreemd dat hy nie eens weet waar sy klas sit nie


Ruben kyk die vreemtheid so en begin stap. Nou hou ek die tweetjies vanuit die motor dop en dit is duidelik dat jong boet vir ouboet laat blyk dat hy skrikkerig is want hy weet nie nou waarheen om te loop nie.


Baie besorgd loop ouboet verby sy klas saam met Ryan tot by sy klas en maak eers seker hy is okay toe hardloop hy na sy vriende toe. Ek het eenkeer ook beleef hoe besorgd hy was toe ons hond uit die erf gehardloop het die pad af hy wou amper huil van bekommernis.


Wanneer ons die Here aanneem en ons harte aan Hom gee dan is Hy ook besorgd oor ons. En sal Hy sy krag gebruik om ons tot hulp te snel. Maar kyk waarna soek die Here, na diegene wie se hart onverdeeld op Hom gerig is!


Dis eintlik voor die hand liggend is dit nie? Soek jy die steun van die Here? Rig jou hart tot Hom! Hy is die ouboet wat jy nog nooit gehad het nie! Die Here s kom!


The Lord runs to assist those whose heart is perfect towards Him  ...

2Ch 16:9  For the eyes of Jehovah run to and fro in all the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is perfect toward Him. You have done foolishly in this; therefore from now on you shall have wars.


The other morning I dropped the boys on the other side of school. The surroundings were all of a sudden strange to them, and because of their personalities the smaller one Ryan was immediately upset, because his father dares to upset his routine! Everything looks so strange to him that he does not even know where his class is!


Ruben just looked at the strange surroundings and began to walk. Now I sit and watch the two from the car and it is clear Ryan is letting Ruben know that he is a little scared because he does not know where to walk to.


Very supportive Ruben walks with Ryan past his class to where Ryans class is. He makes sure his brother is ok and then he ran to his friends. Once I also saw how concern he was about the dog running down the road he nearly wanted to cry!


When we accept the Lord and give our hearts to Him, then he is also concern about our well being. He will also make use of His power to assist us. But see what the Lord is looking for those whose heart is perfect toward Him!


Really it is obvious, isn't it? Do you want God to support you? Perfect youre heard towards Him! He is the older brother you never had! The Lord says come!


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